TheTruthSpy Review | Is it Worth Your Money?

Are you a parent constantly worried about what your child is doing all day on the internet? Are you afraid because your children might be involved in unhealthy activities or getting involved with dangerous people? TheTruthSpy is a Solution for all your need.

Are you an employer afraid of your employees’ increased use of their smartphone which might be to put your company at risk? Check Out TheTruthSpy Review.

TheTruthSpy Review

Things to Know about THETRUTHSPY

If you are facing these problems, then you need a spy software that can help you to track all the activities that your kids and employee are doing. You can follow their SMS, calls Locations.

TheTruthSpy is also one of the best mobile spy software available in the market. We are reviewing TheTruthSpy software here with all the features and pricing plans. So check out this TheTruthSpy review and know better about it. We suggest you get the best TheTruthSpy Coupon code 2019.


TheTruthSpy Review

TheTruthSpy Reviews

TheTruthSpy Review has all the Basic features that a spy software must have including social networking monitor, Keylogger, GPS tracker, Call logs, Call Recording and Much more. You can check all the features in this full review.

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With TheTruthSpy you can Control the device remotely and check out all that you want to check on the target’s phone.

You can Block calls on your target phone and many more unique features that can be checked out below.

TheTruthSpy Reviews

TheTruthSpy is 100% Undetectable. When it comes to Family protection, then TheTruthSpy is a very nice option to buy. You can Protect your lover, Child, and Family from the bad people on the internet.

This is a premium Spy Software that provides you one of the best Customer support section. TheTruthSpy will solve any problem within 4 hours or as quick as Posible. So check out the best and unique features in TheTruthSpy Review.

Features of TheTruthSPY:

When it comes to TheTruthSpy features then it has all the necessary features then a Spy software must have But we are providing a brief description of every feature that it has. Check out TheTruthSpy features

1. Ambient Listening:

You can hear what is happening on your target device. You can make a hidden call to the destination phone to listening to the phone’s surroundings, like a bugging device.

You can do the real-time ambient listening that is available with TheTruthSpy.

  1. Live Call Recording:

With this feature, you can record any phone call as a hidden sound file. You can also choose phone numbers to be registered automatically. TheTruthSpy sends all the recorded Sounds to the web account to listen Later.


  1. Track Whatsapp:

The Best Cell Phone spy software that can track WhatsApp without Rooting (Android). You can read all WhatsApp SMS, status, profiles, and pictures.


4.GPS Tracking Location:

You can see the site of the device on the map or can get its GPS location immediately from the user control panel.


  1. Record Apps Usage:

View history of application usages on the target device and you can block what application you want. You can block what application you want.


  1. Record SMS Messages:

Trace message of built-in application and trace iMessage(on iOS) even it was deleted by target users.

  1. 100% Undetectable:

Your kids and employees can not know if there is TheTruthSpy installed on their device.

  1. Auto- Answer (Spy Calls):

You make a call from your phone to target phone. It will be an auto answer without knowing from users.


  1. Manage Calls:

You can view all history of calls including time, duration, contact name and also see deleted records.

  1. Key Logger:

This is an excellent feature with this you can get all the details that your target type on their phone. You can also get the Facebook password also.

More in Review

  1. Alerts & Notifications:

If SIM card changed, it would silently notify you via SMS message to let you know the new Phone Number.

  1. Monitor Internet Activities:

You can view all the Web history that is visited by your target. You can also block what websites you do not want target user to visit.


  1. Remotely Control:

Remote access through the online control panel and send a SMS command to the target device to do a specified action.


  1. View Multimedia Files:

See multimedia data such as video recorder, voice memos, the photo captured and all other multimedia files.


  1. View Notes Contents:

All records from mobile devices will be sent silently to the server to let you view. Maybe you can know sensitive data such as the password of Facebook or other sensitive data.

These are the features of TheTruthSpy Software. We have reviewed all these features with a Samsung Galaxy S5, and all of the features are working fine.

Device Compatibility

TheTruthSpy is Compatible with

  • iPhone/iPad from 4.X up to latest Version
  • Android 2.2 up to Latest Version

To Get all device compatibilities and Without Jailbreak Solution, we suggest you check out Our mSpy Review.

Pricing and Plans 

ThetruthSpy Review

This Spy software is available in three types of plans with a different type of features.

We suggest you buy the gold plans which activates all the features for you. It is famous because it is the cheapest spy software.

Where To Buy?

We suggest buying any Software from vendor’s Official website to get all the feature and Money Back Guarantee as well. So click on the below button to visit their official website.


So we hope that you have enjoyed the TheTruthSpy Review. Please Comment below with your Experience to help other users.


As we tasted a lot of SPY apps but TheTruthSPY is not that much great. You can get Better Spying apps in this price Range. So We suggest you check our expert recommendations – mSpy and Spyera.

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