How to Hack WhatsApp? 100% Working Tools

If you are are looking for the best and working methods to Hack WhatsApp then you are at the right place. HackingSpy is the best tool ever made for hacking tasks.
You don’t need any technical knowledge to get started with our online WhatsApp hacking Tool.

With the increasing number of users, you can understand that those bad person also growing on the platform. Our children are also using the WhatsApp messaging service so they can be bullied.
That’s why we need to hack Whatsapp messages without access to the phone to make sure our kids are safe.

WhatsApp is a highly secured platform, but luckily we found some vulnerabilities and managed to crack WhatsApp users Security for you.
You can also check out Facebook hack and twitter hack as well.

What will you get from this Website?

  • How to hack WhatsApp of your kids?
  • Online WhatsApp Hacking tool for free  
  • Ways to hack WhatsApp
hack WhatsApp

What is WhatsApp?

We think that this is the most straightforward question in this world right now because a 5-year kid also knows about this instant messenger. But if you don’t know about it then don’t worry we are here to tell you about this.

WhatsApp is a social instant messenger with this you can send messages, Pics, MP3 and many other type files to your friends quickly.

Every Lock has a key, so we have found some vulnerability in WhatsApp security, that allows you to hack any account easily. This instant social Messenger Uses your mobile number to verify your identity.

HackingSpy is a tool to get your friend’s WhatsApp Messages, Videos, and all images secretly. We can also read all the encrypted WhatsApp messages.

Do you know with whom your kid is chatting late at night? Is your kid in danger? So it is time to use spy on them to make sure that your kids are safe and are not being bullied by anyone.

The best reason to use this service is your kid’s safety. If you are concern about your kid’s safety and want to secure them from online fraud then you must use our service.

WhatsApp Hack - Catch Cheating Lover in 3 Minutes

There are many ways to hack WhatsApp account online, like keylogging and spying on their phone with mSpy. But all these methods are a little bit costly and time-consuming.

Keylogger and spy programs are the best methods for hacking any account like Facebook, Instagram, and all other social networks.
These softwares works very well but you have to invest some money to let them work for you.

You must be feeling like

But wait wait wait!!!!

Now you can hack Your friend’s Whatsapp account for free with using HackingSpy Tool. This tool is made with a lot of efforts by the collaboration of some Russian and Japanese hackers.

We have tried a lot of tests on this website and almost and we get the 70-79% success rate. This is the best we have ever get on Online hacking tool.

How to Hack WhatsApp Online?

Time needed: 3 minutes.

This method is 100% free and secure. You don’t need to download any Spyware app on your device. You just need the number of your victim’s phone.
We explained each step in detail. Please have a look at the Process

  1. Visit WhatsApp hack online

    First of all, you need to visit the link below for the Online WhatsApp hacking app. This link takes you to our main page where you can enter your victim’s details. You can access online hacker from the below button

    Access Online Hacker

  2. Fill the Required Information

    Now it’s time to fill all the necessary information into the form. We have made an effortless way to understand easily by anyone. Just fill out all the information correctly.

    This hacker form requires your victim’s mobile number, what you want to Hack and how much history you want to Hack.

    We have specially designed this Hacker with some specified inputs only. So we request you to fill out all the information Correctly as we have shown below in this post.

    Read these instructions carefully and follow these instructions:
    If your Victim’s Mobile Number is +1234567890 and you want to Hack Messages of previous 10 Days Then fill this like below
    Mobile No.             +1234567890
    What To Hack –        Chat
    History –                   7 Days
    NOTE :
    You can only enter 1 Day, 10 Days And 1 Month, please do not enter a Random number.
    If you enter the wrong info and wrong number, the hacker will attempt a wrong method, and you will be redirected to a Warning file. So we advise you to put the real information in Online WhatsApp Hacking System.
    WhatsApp Hack

  3. Start The Process

    Now it’s time to start your exciting journey. After filling all the information correctly in the online WhatsApp hacker form, you have to click on start.
    This process is too fast because we start hacking when you enter the number to provide you results blaze quickly.Hacking Process Indicator

  4. Generate your files

    Now the hacker will successfully hack the WhatsApp account of your friend for you.

    When you click on Start Hacker, the hacker will process your request in the background and will redirect you to your hacked File. Check the Images Below

    Now click on generate to generate a zip file for your hacked file. After this, the hacker will start combining your hacked file. After 2-3 seconds you will see the Download Button.Grab the Hacked Files

  5. Download Hacked Files

    Now the wait is over you can download all your spy files. All files are in a ZIP archive for some security reasons.

    Now click on Download, And you will get all the History of your victim’s WhatsApp account that is hacked By the Hacker.generate your hacked files


If you put the wrong Info in the form, the hacker will attempt a fake request, and You will get a random File. So please Add real Information.

After it, Check All the Messages of victims, See the above image. Necessary INFORMATION:

  1. This hacker is only for +18.
  2. All of your information is secured via HTTPS.

Recently WhatsApp has fixed a security bug but we managed to find the vulnerability. Please access to the hacker from below.

click here

This Online WhatsApp hacking method may not work for you as we are now at the 70-79% success rate. But don’t worry you can retry the process or you can check all the methods to hack WhatsApp.

Ethical WhatsApp hacking methods are very typical and need technical knowledge. So we are not discussing ethical ways to hack WhatsApp.

Hack WhatsApp Accounts Using mSpy

With Spy spyware, you can spy, or you can say hack the whole mobile phone not only WhatsApp.
You don’t need to root your phone for most of the features on a spy app but for advanced features, your phone should be rooted.

Rooting your phone is a straight forward task these days you need to install an app like kingroot and do a couple of things, and you are ready with your rooted phone. Have a look at some of the features of mSpy.

  • Spy on any app installed on the mobile (including WhatsApp messenger)
  • Live call listening and recording
  • Track live GPS location
  • Get all the call history
  • Check all the browsing history
  • Block any app and limit uses
  • Have a look at more features at mSpy Review

Spy WhatsApp with mSpy

Are you ready to spy WhatsApp with the mSpy app? If yes then follow the step by step procedure to spy on your girlfriend’s WhatsApp account.

Step 1: Get the mSpy app

Visit the mSpy website and get the app by subscribing to one of there plans which have WhatsApp hacking feature.

mSpy Review

Step 2: Subscribe to mSpy Plan

Now buy any of their plans that suits your need. Most of the features of mSpy works without rooting the phone but for some advanced features, you need to root your phone.

Step 3: Go To mSpy cPanel

Open the control panel of the mSpy app and get the mSpy app that you need to install on the target phone.

Step 4: Install the tracking app on the target phone

This is the final step in this process to get the target’s phone and install the tracking app on the phone. Don’t worry you can hide this app from the target’s phone.

Step 5: Check the Spying Process on web cPanel

Go to the online cPanel provided by mSpy and get all the information that is hacked by the app like your target’s WhatsApp messages, Location, call history and many more. You can easily see all the encrypted WhatsApp messages easily on the dashboard.

WhatsApp Hack by Mac Address Spoofing

What is Mac Address?

Mac address is like the fingerprint of your phone. It is a unique 12 digit code that is assigned differently for each device. Mac refers to media access control, and it is attached to the wifi adapter of the invention.

Apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, and many others also use Mac address to make sure that a single account can only be used only on one device. You may be faced that you can’t use a separate WhatsApp account on a single machine.

But What if we change our mac address and make it as the target’s phone?

Yeah now we can use a single WhatsApp account on two phones at a time, and due to the same mac address, WhatsApp will never know that the same account is being used at two devices.

That is the way how we hack using Mac Address Spoofing. This is a little bit hard and tricky process so have a look below to get the step by step process.

Step 1: Uninstall WhatsApp

This the first step to start mac spoofing uninstall the WhatsApp messenger app because you have to verify it with the target’s number.
This is a mandatory step, but you don’t need to worry you can revert each and everything once your task is completed.

Hack WhatsApp

Step 2: Get the Mac Address Of the target’s phone

You need to get the mac address of the target’s phone because you have to change your mac address and have to make it as the target’s phone. In this way, you will be able to install his/her WhatsApp account without letting them know.

To get mac address go to

Settings>>About Phone>>Mac Address

Whatsapp Hacking

Step 3: Change your Mac address

Now change your device’s mac address and make it as your target’s phone. This will help you to clone the WhatsApp account of your target’s phone.

Please note down your own Mac Address first because you will need this later once your work is finished.

You can use MacDaddyX for Apple devices and Busybox or terminal for Android to change the mac address of your device.

Step 4: Reinstall WhatsApp

Now install WhatsApp messenger Back on your phone

WhatsApp Hacking methods

Step 5: Complete the WhatsApp verification

This is the final time when you need the target device. Add the target’s number in your app and obtain the code send to your target’s name. Once the verification process is completed, you are ready to go.

how to hack whatsapp chat

Step 6: Change the Mac Address back to default

Once you are happy with the work or your hacking work is completed change back the Mac Address to your default address.

online whatsapp hacking copy

Hacking with mac spoofing is a little bit harder to do. So we suggest you go with an online tool or spying app.

But you need not worry about anything we have one bonus way to hack WhatsApp easily. Have you ever heard about hacking with the WhatsApp web? If not then you had missed a train.

Although the Web method is old now, you can give it a try maybe this will work for you. Have a look below.

How to Hack WhatsApp using WhatsApp Web?

We are updating an old method here to hack WhatsApp accounts of anyone with a simple trick. This is one of the most straightforward without any skill involved in it.

  • You need to get access to your target’s phone, and that’s it! You are ready to go.
  • You need to install third-party software for this work, and you are ready to go with it.

Here we are describing a little bit about this method and for more details, you can see our post about this method using WhatsApp Web.

As all you must hear about web features, now, you can use this as your weapon for hack easily. This is a service that allows you to use your account on a computer or laptop.

This is very handy, you need to scan a QR code, and your WhatsApp is ready to use any device like Your computer, PC smart TV, and any other smart device.

Now we are using this method as our weapon to hack your Target without letting them know. This is a straightforward and secure method.

So we suggest you Must check out this method on our latest post about how to Read WhatsApp chat using WhatsApp Web? Before using this method, you need to take some precautions otherwise, your target will quickly feel that someone is spying on them. That’s why our Online method this best for you.

How to Hack WhatsApp on iPhone?

If you are using an iPhone and want to do WhatsApp hack on iPhone, we are here to help you with that. We have some methods to do it on an iPhone.

Hack Using Backup Extractor

drfone whatsapp

In this method, we are going to use a third party software called WhatsApp Backup Extractor. This is a software that helps you to backup your iOs device, and we are going to use this function as our weapon.

We will create a backup of the iPhone on our Macbook or our windows laptop, and by using that Backup, we will retrieve the WhatsApp messages of your target.

This is the only method that can be called a white hat method because we are backing up the device.

Have a look at the below Section of the process to know more about this method.

Section 1: Hack WhatsApp By Using the iDevice Directly

This method will work on the device that you own, or you have the possession of the invention. Follow the below steps

Step 1: Download and install dr.fone

Get the DMG file of dr.fone or exe file of dr.fone and install on your mac or windows device.

Step 2: Click on repair icon

drfone repair

Step 3: Click on the Start Scan button

Once you had clicked the scan now button, the device will start scanning for the conversation back up from your iOs device.

iOs recovery

Step 4: Recover messages to computer

Once you are done with the start scan button now choose messages and media and click on recover to a laptop. This will make the back of all the conversations on your computer.

Ios Recovery

Now all the message and media are stored in a file you can easily read those with proper application.

Section 2: Restoring Backup from iTunes Backup

This method is the same as explained in section 1, but there is some difference that you have to look. Check out the steps below

Step 1: Run dr.fone

Run the Dr.fone software on your computer.

Step 2: Choose device repair

Step 3: Click on Recover from iTunes backup

Step 4: Choose the backup file and run a scan

Step 5: Select the messages and restore them to your computer.

This process is the same as explained in part one. But you need to have the account password to use this method.

Section 3: Hack WhatsApp messages without access to the phone (Android)

This is also the same method, but this is for Android devices. If you an Android user then this method is especially for you.

You need to download the android version of dr.fone to be compatible with your Android Device. Follow the below steps

Step 1: Run the dr.fone on your computer

Connect your Android phone with your computer and run the software dr.fone

android recovery

Step 2: Select WhatsApp messages

On the next screen select WhatsApp messages and click on the next button to proceed further.

WhatsApp messages recovery

Step 3: Select Between Deleted files or all file scanning

android whatsapp messages recovery

Step 4: Select WhatsApp messages and click restore

This is the final step in this process. Click on the notes and click on restore this will restore all of your words.

The two versions of dr.fone are different for Android and iOs devices we suggest you get the text according to your device.


This is the best place to hack your Target’s WhatsApp account easily. Our Spying system is 100% safe, and we are giving you 100% privacy with our Security SSL.

All of the entries you make here are 100% safe and secure. So use our WhatsApp spying system without worrying about anything. We are now at 79% Success rate and still growing towards 100%.

So use this service and Rate us on Google Plus, Facebook, and other social network services.

WhatsApp has released some security patch in 2020. So we are working hard to find the vulnerabilities in the latest version of WhatsApp. Stay tuned with us for more awesome and working methods for WhatsApp Hacking.

Can we Hack WhatsApp?

Yes, we can do it using different types of methods. You can use Spy apps, Online hacker services, Keylogger, and Mac Spoofing.
You can use our online WhatsApp hacker service to hack any account easily. WhatsApp can be hacked on both Android and iOs.

How much Does it Cost to hack WhatsApp?

It totally depends on you how you want to go through this process. If you want to hack WhatsApp with our online hacker then this is free.
If you want to hack with Spy apps then this will cost you around $15-$30/month.
Or if you hire someone to do this task that will cost you $500 onwards.

How to hack WhatsApp Chat History?

There are many methods shared to hack WhatsApp on this website. But for hacking the whole chat history you need to go with the old and gold WhatsApp Web method to hack the whole chat history.

How to Hack WhatsApp?

There are many methods shared on this website for this task. You can hack into the WhatsApp account using our online hacker or many other methods you can see below.
1. Online WhatsApp Hacker
2. Using a Spy App
3. WhatsApp Web Methods
4. Keylogger

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