Highster Mobile Review | Is it Worth Buying?

Highster Mobile Review | Cell Phone Monitoring

Highster Mobile was a one-time payment solution for years but now they are offering $29.99 and $69.99 plans per month. Highster was known for its one-time payment offer but now it is costlier than many other famous Spy apps like mSpy and FlexiSpy.

Highster Mobile

As you already know that spying is not looked positively in our society. But if you are using spy software for your children’s securities and another purpose like to know all the activity of your employees and kids then it is fine.

There are a lot of Spying companies in the market that provides Spy software but we are reviewing the best of them, and Highster Reviews is there for you.

In this Highster Mobile Review you will get all the information that you need to know about Highster and its Product.

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Highster Mobile is one of the best mobile spy apps that is available now in the market at an affordable price. This review covers all the pros and cons of this Spy software so that you can understand well about it. We suggest you read all spy apps reviews before buying any product. You can check Out Other reviews from the Below Links

Best Mobile Spy Apps

These are the best-selected Spy software that you can check out. But if you wish to Buy Highster Mobile spy software then you can read Highster Mobile Review below. HM has thousands of happy costumers and offers a lot of services.

How to Install and Use Highster Mobile?

Purchase Highster Mobile

This is the must-do step if you are getting started with the Highster mobile.
This Spy software doesn’t have any plan or recurring charges. You will get a lifetime deal with regular updates.

Validate your Details and Activate

Once you have subscribed the plan you will get an email containing your license keys and login details. Simply validate your email address and activate your license key.

Install Highster mobile on the target device

The most tricky part is installing the spy app on the target device. You need to install the app provided in the cPanel of Highster mobile on the victim’s Phone.
Once the App is installed it will start tracking the activities of your target.

Observe the activity of your victim

After some time you can check the activity of your target on the cPanel of the Highter mobile web version.
Happy Spying.

Features of Highster Mobile

Like all other Spy apps, Highster has all the essential features that a Spy Mobile Software Must have. But it is available at a low cost so anyone can easily afford its pricing schemes.

There are a lot of features like information logging to stealth recording and GPS-tracking. Highster Mobile is very easy to install you can set it up in a couple of minutes. But the best Part of Highster is the price. This is one of the best Mobile spy software available on the Internet these days.

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SMS Text Messages

Every text message is logged even if the phone’s log is deleted by the target. As you all know that text messaging is more popular these days over voice calling so this is the essential feature. Today’s generation prefers text messaging over voice calls.

Highster Mobile

business owners remain anxious because any employee with a smartphone can take pictures of important documents and text them to other competitors. This is why text messaging is an important feature of any mobile monitoring application. You have to check all the features of this spy software before Buying in this Review.

GPS Location

It uploads all the locations of the target at a time interval you select a link to a map. GSP location tracking feature can be extremely handy for the parents confused about where their children go and when they are out of the home.

You can view all the location information on the Highster mobile control panel.


It has also observed that many company workers spend time on personal causes, mobile claiming to be busy with official work. HM’S Mobile tracking application is a surefire solution to both these problems. This feature can also be useful while finding out the lost and theft Mobile Phone.

Live Control Panel

Out of hundreds of mobile monitoring applications in the market, Highster Mobile has built its reputation as a highly sophisticated yet user-friendly alternative. Highster Mobile’s control panel to too easy to understand and favorite choice of common users like me and You.


Highster Mobile’s live control panel enables you to access all the details about the target phone. Users can opt for the advanced settings for logs, time triggers, display options and more. You can see all the details on the Highster Mobile login page.


The iMessage tracking feature of Highster Mobile is a very popular one in the iPhone and iPad users. This will record all the sent and received messages from an iPad or iPhone. Instead of Normal text SMS, this service is provided by App and this is widely used by the new generation.


A lot of monitoring software can only track simple text messages, not the iMessage. But Highster Mobile can Track iMessages also. Highster mobile may also recover all iMessages even if they have been deleted.

Check out all the details on the Highster mobile login page.

Photos and Video Logs

All pictures and videos that target records will automatically send to your Highster mobile control panel. You can track every pic or video of the target.


However, now more than ever, kids are exposed to the world of internet to lots of unsuitable content. Highster Mobile’s multimedia tracking feature is a lifesaver for the parents looking to safeguard their kids from these issues.

Call Logs

Now you can track every outgoing and incoming call that target receives. You can simply monitor all incoming and outgoing calls and along with you can record every call also.

Simple login Highster mobile Control Panel and check all the details that you want to access.


The call log monitoring feature of Highster mobile also logs the numbers of every outgoing and incoming call with time and length stamp. Call recording is a must-have function for every mobile monitoring software.

Browser History

A lot of people use mobile tracking software to limit the use of accessing specific kinds of sites by the target phone user. Highster Mobile’s URL tracking ability makes it easier for parents attempting to find out which sites there are visiting from their cell phones.


Employers likewise use Highster mobile to learn whether their works are wasting time online during working hours by visiting non-approved sites. Software tracking programs help measure the performance of each employee and because useful when analyzing employees’ promotions and benefits

 Social Networking Logs

Social networking is growing day by day and many bad people are also joining social networks. So it’s very important to secure your children from these bad people online. Now using this app you can easily spy on your target’s Social networking logs. You can spy on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Skype and many more social networking programs.


Many parents complain that their kids are wasting precious study time getting onto social networking such as Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, etc. from their mobile phones. On the other side, many organizations have problems with the loss of successful working hours due to the social networking usage of their workers.

Stealth Camera

The stealth camera is a very nice feature of this app By using this You can grab all the pics and videos from the target phone. When your target clicks a picture you will get all the pics on your control panel.


You can control the camera of your target you can Simply start the camera and start taking the picture and making videos easily. HM makes it possible for you to see all the pictures and videos in your control panel.

Highster Mobile Review | Additional Features

  • email Logs – You can check out all send and receive emails.
  • Contacts – You can browse all the contacts that are saved in the target’s Phone.
  • Installed Application – Access to the list of installed applications and control them.
  • Remotely Lock Phone – Now lock your target’s phone remotely.
  • Block application – Block all unwanted applications.

So, guys, these are the Key Features of this spy software. If you Like these features then you can simply buy this software from below.


Device Compatibility

The app can run on iOS devices and Android devices. The following operating system versions are supported:

  • iOS 6 – 8.4
  • Android 2.1 and higher

Highster Mobile Pricing and Plans

Highster mobile was used to be the best in the pricing section but they now started recurring payments of $29.99 and $69.99 per month onwards.


We highly recommend you to not to go for this spy app because you can choose the better option like mSpy and Flexispy.

Where to Buy?

If you are in a hurry then you can use the Above buy now button To buy this app now from the official website. But if you wish to visit the Official Website then you can use the Below Button.


Highster Mobile Trial and Coupon Codes 2019

This company is currently not offering any kind of trial period so you need to purchase this software to use its services.

This software is available at its best price now. When we found the new discount coupons we will post them here.

So, guys, this is the Highster Mobile Review for you. Check out the Best Spy software for you and then Order it.

Faqs about Highster Mobile

What is Highster Mobile?

Highster mobile is one of the leading Spy apps in the world. This is the only trusted app that provides lifetime licenses.

How Much Does Highster Mobile Cost?

Highster mobile is the only Spy app that gives you a lifetime license with regular updates. This cost only $69.9 single time payment. There is no hidden or extra charge involved.

Does Highster Mobile Required Rooting Or Jailbreak?

This app works for both rooted and non-rooted phones, depending on the features that you want. Most of the common features work without rooting the device but if you need some advanced feature then you need to root the device.

Can Highster Mobile be installed remotely?

No, you need to have physical access to the target’s phone for 2-5 minutes to install the app. You Just need the access for once.

How Does Highster Mobile work?

Just like other Spy apps Highster Mobile Also needs to be installed on the phone of our target.
Once we install the app the Program will start observing the activities of the victim and upload them to their server.
We can see all the Activities just By logging in to the Highster Mobile Control Panel.

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