How to Hack WhatsApp Chat History using WhatsApp Web?

How to Hack WhatsApp Chat History using WhatsApp Web?

We are back with the latest method to hack WhatsApp account easily. This method is very easy and safe to use although You need to be careful about some things that we are going to discuss in this post below.

Thanks for keep trust in our online WhatsApp Hacking service. So we are here for you with a new trick to How to Hack WhatsApp Chat History using WhatsApp Web? an account without any problem.

Hack WhatsApp Chat History

We have a very nice online WhatsApp hacking system for you that has 100% success rate But if you want to try this new trick to hack WhatsApp of your target than we are here to help you with it. Just follow all the steps that we are discussing and you will get all the data and files shared by your Target through WhatsApp.

What is WhatsApp Web?

WhatsApp web is a service provided by WhatsApp that allows you to use your WhatsApp account on a computer and laptop.
You just need to simply scan a QR code using your phone and you are ready to use your WhatsApp account on a PC. Now we are using this trick to hack WhatsApp account.

Hack WhatsApp Chat History using WhatsApp Web

Visit Play Store

This method mainly works for an Android phone but you can use it at iPhone and windows phone but we are explaining this method for an Android Device.
So, first of all, you need to go to Play Store using your Android device and download an emulator for WhatsApp Web.

Download WhatsWeb For Whatscan App

Now you need to download WhatsWeb For Whatscan app to use this method. This App allows you to use your target’s WhatsApp account on two phones simultaneously. Now here the tricky part came. Just follow the next steps.
Now WhatScan App is no longer available on the Play Store. So we suggest you Use Web Scanner or similar kind of application to Get Ahead in your task.

Get your target’s Phone

Now it’s time to get your Target’s phone in your hand. You just need his/her phone just once for just 1 minute. Now what you have to do is open WhatsApp app in your target’s phone and click on the WhatsApp web.
Go to:-  WhatsApp>>Whatsapp Web

Open WhatsWeb For Whatscan on Your Phone

Now open the app that you recently downloaded name “WhatsWeb For Whatscan”. This app now will show you a QR code you have to scan with your Target’s Phone using WhatsApp web explained in the previous step.

Go to:- WhatsWeb For Whatscan>> Scan QR Code

You Have Hacked Your Target’s WhatsApp

Now you get a clone of your target’s WhatsApp on your phone. But you need to take care of some things that we are going to explain in this article below.
You had successfully hacked your target’s WhatsApp now But you have to take care of some normal things like how to use this app and When to Use.

Uninstall WhatsWeb For Whatscan App

We highly recommend you to uninstall the Whatscan app after your work or task is completed. So you will not get caught redhanded.

Things to take care

  • Never change any settings in their WhatsApp account like Last seen or any other Privacy Policy.
  • If his/her last seen is on then you should need to be careful because you can’t log in to his/her account if they turned off their internet connection.
  • If their Last seen is on Never use WhatsApp at late night because if you use their account that will also change their last seen and online status.
  • Always Take care when your victim is online. Because the best time to use the target’s WhatsApp is when they are online.

So these are some steps that allow you to hack your victim’s account. We hope that you have liked our new method of Hack WhatsApp Chat History.


Although this is the simplest method to hack WhatsApp this is not an advanced level Hacking method. With this method, you can only hack someone’s WhatsApp until they don’t get to know that someone is using his/her WhatsApp. But This is the simplest method so if you are a beginner then you can give it a try.

If this method Doesn’t work for you Go with our other hacking method guides.

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