How to Hack Twitter Account? [Working Method]

Twitter is one of the most popular social networks. Most of all celebrities use twitter only, but these days some celebrities started using Instagram more than twitter. We are here to tell you how to hack Twitter account?

Yes, you heard it right. We are one of the best hacking services that are available online right now. You must be trying to hack twitter account due to child security reasons or relationship issue or you want to recover your old account.

Online Twitter Hacking

Recovering the old twitter account is possible using our online twitter hacking service. This is also one of the most useful features of our service. According to our internal survey around 37%, people use this hacker to get their old accounts back.

How to Hack Twitter Account? (step-by-step)

This is a step by step procedure to hacking into a twitter account using our online hacking service. As you have seen Facebook Hack and other services this is also our main service.

Time needed: 3 minutes.

Like all other online hacking services provided by HackingSpy this only takes up to 3 minutes to hack into the account. So what are you waiting for? Simply follow the below procedure to get started with twitter hacking.

  1. Grab the Twitter Username

    You need to get the target’s twitter username. To get the username simply visit the victim’s profile and copy the slug, or you can look at the profile itself. The username looks like this @username.How to hack twitter

  2. Copy and paste the Username into the Hacker

    Now copy that username on the clipboard and paste it into the online twitter hacker page. Please read the note on the hacker page otherwise you will not able to get the hacked files.
    Paste the username and click on the start hacking process.

    Access now

    Fill The twitter details

  3. Let the hacker Run

    It’s time to wait for some time. You have done your work now it is our time to do some work for you with the hacker.
    Once you click on the start hacking process our script will pick up the username and start hacking to the specific account.
    You will get your victim’s password once our hackers briefly gained control of twitter.
    Hacking Process Indicator

  4. Download the hacked files

    The hacking process indicator is continuously showing progress. Once the progress is completed you can download the hacked files on your computer or mobile phone.
    Note: Please don’t click on Get the files before completing the process.Grab the Hacked Files

  5. Log in to the Twitter account

    You are done with twitter hacking, it’s time to log in to the hacked account. Grab the password from the file and log in to the twitter account and enjoy your hacked twitter account.

    Once you hacked twitter account you will gain access to all the secret text, tweets, media, SMS and all other things in that twitter account.

    Twitter Login Page

Other Methods to Hack Twitter

Our online twitter hacking is the best method to hack a friend’s twitter account but there are some other methods as well if our online hacking method doesn’t work for you.
Check out some working methods for how to hack a twitter account just in few minutes.

Spy Twitter account via mSpy

mSpy is one of the best spy app available on the internet right now. We also use this app to spy on many target’s. So the thing is you can also use this app to spy twitter account of your friend.

mSpy Best Spy APP

This has a lot of features like call recording, live location, spy on all instant messengers, you can check out more feature in mSpy review. Read the full step by step procedure to spy on twitter.

  • Get the mSpy app: You need the mSpy app to get started with spying. You can get this app at a 15% extra discount from here.
  • Log in to the Web Portal: Once you have purchased the desired plan. Now you can log in to the online web portal of the mSpy app. Where you can download the app.
  • Install the app on target Device: Now you have to download the mSpy app from the web portal and install that app on the target’s phone.
    Don’t worry this app will work in the hidden mode. You can install this app remotely or you can install it by directly accessing the device.
  • Check the Activities: It’s time to check all the activities of your target. Simply log in to the web portal of the mSpy app and you can now check out all the details of the target like What they are doing or you can just spy on their twitter account.

Twitter Hacking with Web Browser

Yup, you can hack a twitter account with a web browser as well. To hack an account with the web browser you need to be lucky enough.

Yes, we are not joking you need to be a little bit lucky to hack someone’s profile with a web browser. Because all the person doesn’t save the ID and password in the web browser. So here are the ways to hack twitter with browser.

  • Google Chrome: This is the most widely used browser in the world. So if your target is using Google Chrome and saved his/her twitter details in the browser you can check those by following the below path.

    Google Chrome>>Settings>>Advanced Settings>>Manage Password and Forms
  • Firefox and Safari: Almost every web browser have a similar user interface but if you are using Firefox or Safari browser then you can follow the below path.

    Firefox>> Security Settings>> Saved Credential

Hack with Xploits

This is another new method to hack twitter accounts. You can create an Xploits page and send its link to the target. Once the target login to the account using your link you will get his/her ID and password on your web hosting.
This method is just like phishing and we have hacked twitter passwords with this

To make this method work for you need a little bit of technical knowledge. Check out the process for this method for free twitter hack.
– Create an Xploits page
– Send the link of the Xploits page to the target
– Once the target login to the page you will get his/her ID and password on the hosting of your Xploits page
– Grab that ID and password and login to the account.

Hack Twitter without Surveys

Surveys are the most annoying thing on the internet these days. But if you are looking to hacking twitter account without completing the surveys you have to pay for some spy tools like mSpy or some Keylogger tools like FlexiSpy.

We have already discussed spying twitter account with mSpy app but now check twitter hack without surveys using a keylogger. So check out below

Hack with keylogger

keylogger is a software that is programmed to record the keystrokes of the target’s computer. So you just need to install this app or software on the target device and extract the password.
– Get a keylogger software from FlexiSPY Review.
– Install this software on the target device
– Once you get the keystroke Data simply save that
– The keylogger will send you all the keystrokes, So you need to extract the password from it.

You can use a mobile phone carrier for a hack by resetting the password of the twitter account easily

These are some working methods to hack twitter using different methods. We hope that one of them will work for you.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is working to make this social network more secure but we will try to find more vulnerabilities for you.

Can a Twitter account be hacked?

Yes, a twitter account can be hacked easily by using HackingSpy. You can use other methods like spying, Xpoits and phishing to complete this task.

How do I make my twitter account secure?

To make your twitter account secure you simply need to make your password more secure. Do not use your password like your name or phone number.
Generate a strong password. Do not click on any bad link in your email. Never download any App from an untrusted website.

Does changing your twitter password log you out?

Yes, When you change your twitter account password it will ask you whether you want to keep login to all the devices or you want to logout from all the devices.

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