How to Catch a Cheater? Is your lover cheating on you?

Do you think your partner is cheating on you? and you want to make sure if it is right or not then you have some options to catch a cheater.

The first option is you can track your partner’s GPS location by installing a GPS chip in the phone or their bag or something that he/she always carries with him/her.

The second option is to hire a detective that can track your partner’s activity. But wait!! what if we say you can do all the works with a single mobile app? It’s amazing, isn’t it? Yah!! this is true. Now you can check if your wife is cheating on you or not.

How to Catch a Cheater? Is your lover cheating on you?

You must be thinking that how will you get to know if your girlfriend or boyfriend cheating on you? don’t worry we are writing some common changes that you will notice in your partner if they are cheating on you. So what are those changes? read below

We have received many messages regarding wife cheating on husband or husband cheating on wife. But after reading all the queries we found a very common pattern that every cheater follows.

Cheater wives and Cheater husbands always follow the same patterns and we identified that pattern and made a very good guide on how to catch a cheating wife or husband.

By reading this article you will get to know these two things:

  1. You will be able to know if your spouse is cheating on you.
  2. How to gather the evidence?

Now leave all the things behind and jump into the 6 signs that show your partner is cheating on you.

1. She/He Changed her Phone’s Password

This is the first sign that explains that something is not right and there is something that is hidden from you.

This is obvious that if he/she is having an extramarital affair they will try to hide it from the partner and changing the password is the first step to do this.

If you never share your password before then this may be not a red signal for you. But if you know each other’s profile passwords and now she changed it then this may be a red signal for you.

2. She want to know your Location Often

If your lover asks you frequently about your location then there is something wrong going on. Your spouse wants to make sure that you will not catch her with his/her new lover.

Generally, we don’t ask anyone “where are you?” straightforward. If this is happening regularly then this is a red signal for you.

3. Changes the way she/he talks to you.

If you notice that your lover is not talking to you like they were doing in the early days of a relationship. This is a red signal for you.

Words like ‘honey’, ‘babe’ are not being used in the conversation anymore? you have to be careful because you can be friendzoned anytime now.

If your partner cheated on you he/she will try to keep distance. You will feel that there is no love anymore.

4. Keeps His/Her Phone one silent mode

Generally, people keep their phone on silent mode these days but if your lover is not one of those and recently started doing this, then this will be an alert sign for you.

He/She will always try to hide the conversation and calls they are getting from their new lover.

You have to keep an eye on the behavior of your spouse.

5. There is no relationship status on Social Media

This is a great way to know if she is cheating on you. Because removing status on social media means she is open for new relationship.

This is a red sign for you. Because if you have a relationship status as mingle on Facebook there are fewer chances that people will be attracted to you.

6. She/he started coming home late

If your started coming home late and ignoring you when you ask about why she/he is too late then there is a chance that she is having an extra affair.

She/He wants to spend their time with their new lover that may be the reason for getting late.

Now you can track all the activity of your partner with a single spy app. For more information regarding this, you should read this full article.

How to Catch a Cheater? Spy on your Partner

Make sure your partner is cheating on you

This is the first step, you have to make sure that your partner is cheating on you by following the above explained signs. If your partner’s pattern matches more than four signs then you should start spying on him/her.

Get a Spy app for iPhone/Android

Now you are confirmed that your partner is cheating on you. Its time to catch a cheater red-handed. To do this we suggest you get a spy app according to your device.
The best spy app is mSpy. You can visit the mSpy official website and purchase a plan according to your needs.

Install the Spy App in the Target’s phone

Once you purchased a mspy plan you will get an email with all the login details. You have to login on the official website.
Once you are logged in you will get an apk file that you have to install on the target device.
If target is iPhone user then you can install it remotely via icloud Or you have to get access of the phone for just five minutes.
Don’t worry this app will work in a hidden mode so your partner will never know that you are tracking her/him.

See the Activities on Web browser

Once you installed the app on the target phone it will start tracking the the activities of your target phone.
Simply login to your mSpy dashboard and you will be able to see all the details of your target device. You can see their WhatsApp conversation, Location, can listen to calls.

Uninstall the App

Once you are done with the tracking you can simply uninstall the app from your target phone. To do this you just need the phone for just a minute or you can do it with iCloud.

We always wish that your partner is loyal to you and you will have a great life ahead.

How does Spy App work?

You can imagine the spy app to be a set of eyes and ears that remember everything that is happening or has happened in the mobile phone of your partner or even around them as long as they have had their mobile phones with them.

All of this information is transmitted to your phone whenever you want to without leaving a single shred of evidence. Sounds fun? Your cheating spouse wouldn’t think so.

Features of Spy App That helps to catch a cheater

Call tracking:

Tracking all incoming and outgoing calls is no longer an issue. Deleting the call log would not help the culprit either.

Once a call has been connected the spyware is recording each and every word that is being said and not only that, it also records the length of the call.

So any number that is being called secretly is secret no more. Would changing the name of the contact help your cheating partner getaway? Certainly not! The application also records changes in the phone-book and any such changes are transmitted to you.

By using this app you will definitely able to catch a cheater.

Message tracking:

All the messages that are being received and sent are being stored by the spying eyes of the software.

They will certainly make a valuable read if your partner is looking for other partners. The numbers to which the messages are being sent are stored in the application’s memory too.

GPS location:

Any phone that has a GPS system installed can be easily tracked; if he says he is at a meeting you can now be sure that he really is. With inbuilt maps of the GPS system, the application sends a pinpoint marker to you about the location of your partner.


You read it right. The software is capable of eavesdropping on your unsuspecting partner too and you can listen straight into an ongoing call or even an ongoing conversation that your partner is holding.

Concluding it there is no second opinion. mSpy is a must get if you want to ensure loyalty and a long healthy relationship.

How to catch a cheater?

If you think your partner is cheating on you then you can catch him/her by spying on her/his social profile and phone. mSpy app will help you to achieve this task and you can also use our online WhatsApp hack service.

What are the best free apps to catch a cheater?

If you are looking for a free solution to catch a cheater then online hacking services by hackingspy will be the best option for you.
You can also use mSpy app trial version for free.

Can we catch a cheating wife?

Yes, You can easily catch a cheating partner by using our online hacking service. You can use a good spy app like mSpy for this task.

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